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This page was created to explain, in detail, how we create Web products -- from concept to final testing.

Firstly, we discuss our strategy for creating Web sites. Secondly we look in to the reasons for creating a Web site in order to help you assess whether or not it is the correct strategy for your business. Next we talk about our four main creation cycles;
planning, construction, marketing and maintenance and our clients' involvement in this process.

Our Strategy
Creating a good Web site is all about creativity, knowledge of technology, and planning. To you, a Web site is all about your return on investment -- getting back from your site what you put in to it. It is our strategy to help you achieve your objectives for your Web site by maximising your return on investment.

We believe that creativity doesn't just exist in the common sense, like that found in fine art, painting and sculptures. For us, it applies to information architecture, database design, and HTML authoring in exactly the same way. Moreover, it applies to innovative programming and design.

The solitary act of having a Web site created and making it viewable on the Internet is not enough to secure a regular stream of visitors or generate online sales. The Web is not a passive medium, and traffic will simply pass by. Web site users are not prompted as if by magic to the existence of a site without correctly executed promotional strategies and search engine ranking to assist them.

A company must strive to keep their name and their products or services constantly in the public eye in order to attract new customers and to solidify their name as the market leader. Solidifying your name in association with your category is the basic principle of Internet branding and can make a World of difference in the success or failure of your site.

Beyond the publicity opportunities associated with your new site, Cogensis can also provide professional guidance when the active marketing of your site commences. We can optimise your Web site so that it will rank highly with the current search engine methods of indexing. We can also advise you on the most effective techniques for marketing online successfully.

In addition to our Internet based expertise, we are also experienced in promoting your site using traditional means such as direct mail, magazine and newspaper advertising, radio and other free means of advertising and promotion that you can undertake yourself, such as newsgroup postings, reciprocal links and press releases.

If your site is stagnating at the moment, or you're not getting the visitors you dreamed of, we can analyse your site and your current marketing efforts and advise you on new techniques you may not have thought of.
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The Reason For
The Web redefines your market and your competitors. New competitors in your market place are attracted by the reduced costs of doing business and the limited barriers to entry. The Web transcends regional and national boundaries, and offers 24-hour access to a global market place.

It is very difficult to estimate the amount of businesses in the UK that are now on the Web, however, 4 out of 5 UK businesses are now online (e-minister Annual Report 2000), and are spending in excess of £15 million pounds per annum on the initial set-up of a Web site.

Over the next three years, the Government will be investing £25 million to help small businesses exploit the potential of information and communication technologies (e-minister annual report). This means that the ability to have a Web site will not be limited to large corporations. According to Solomon Business Research, companies with an annual turnover of £10 million or greater are more likely to have a Web site than smaller companies (turnover of less than £250,000 per annum). This leaves a whole group of small businesses without Web sites and backed by Governmental funding to enable them to develop a strategy for the Web.

Our in-house expertise covers various disciplines within the new Web and traditional Web fields. We offer an experienced consultancy service designing, developing and producing solutions to meet our clients' needs, as well as delivering, implementing and maintaining where necessary, thus providing a quality service from start to finish.


Proper planning of any Web site project is absolutely crucial to the development and design process. It is very beneficial to both parties throughout all stages of production as both a "marker" to progress, and to outline what production is going to occur. The inspections that we customarily build into our planning techniques benefit all types of sites - large, small, informational and commercial.

Initial Consultation
An initial consultation is absolutely free of charge and is designed to determine the scope, target audience and purpose that lie behind your project.
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Researching the Market
Regardless of your size as a company, in order to achieve effectiveness with your project on the Internet we must determine information regarding your competition, your target audience and your current company image. This helps us to build a picture of your company, and mould it together with your competition, audience, and your objectives and expectations.

Developing a Strategy
When we are equipped with crucial information regarding whom the site will serve and what objectives are to be accomplished we will develop an overall strategy on how to approach the project. We will work closely with you to develop the strategy best suited for your particular goals.

Blueprint Presentation, Conceptual and Budgetary Signoff
We will present a visual and written proposal outlining our recommendations for achieving your Web site's objectives. We will fine tune these ideas until final approval is attained. At this point a final Web design worksheet will be complete which will outline details of the site to be constructed and a contract which will be signed by both the client and a member of our team.


Integrating testing as an important part of the production process can streamline your project drastically. However, we are competent to administer the testing process which will inevitably be significantly more affordable than an outside consultant. The method you opt to utilise will be chosen at the conceptual sign-off stage.

Prototype Creation
The primary purpose of producing a prototype is to promote effective testing and to secure a working model early in the production process. This step allows for decisive architectural decisions to be made early and thus economising on valuable resources all the way around.

Content Submission
If content to be published on the site has not already been received it is submitted at this time. Meeting agreed upon deadlines can be contingent on the receipt of this final content.

User Testing
This step involves gathering volunteers within your company or contracting external individuals that match the profiles of your target audience. Ultimately the success of your project will be a balance of serving the target audience while meeting your organisations goals. This calculated step will help to ensure all necessary criteria are met.

This is the stage where production on all aspects of the site begins nearly simultaneously following the receipt of your content. All content produced in-house should be stored on portable media or a server with FTP access. With prior arrangement content can be received via email. All content should be spell checked and finalised prior to submission to Cogensis.

Continued Testing
As key sections of your project are completed, secondary testing will take place to ensure navigation is on target, pages are cross-browser compatible, and any bugs are identified. Basically the aim is to ensure the overall site is technically functional and user accessible. Prior to the official launch of your project, final approval will be secured following rigorous final testing procedures. The final home of your Web site, in other words where your site will be hosted, is part of the original concept stage. In some cases a Web site might be housed on a development server and posted to its final destination prior to launch.


Equally important to proper planning and deadline driven production practices, is the effective marketing of your Web site. Search engine ranking continues to earn the coveted reputation for scoring potentially high volumes of traffic. Without fail your site should be optimised for those search engines deemed to be most useful. In addition, traditional marketing methods including press releases, direct mail marketing and other standard promotional practices should be employed as appropriate to your particular industry.

Search Engine Optimisation
The addition of key elements within your sites source code will enable search engines to readily index key pages. In addition, search engines such as Google utilise a strategy based on popularity which directly correlates with the number of links in and out of your site. Consideration of links to aid popularity will be determined early in the production stage.
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Search Engine Submission
Our team is equipped with professional tools to aid in the effectiveness of marketing processes. We will submit written documentation regarding every search engine or directory to which we submit your site. Multiple submissions of a site to any search engine can result in a site being banned entirely from a search engines index. For this reason we caution all clients to entrust this task to only one company.
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Extend the Invitation
Launching your site should be a celebration and the exciting news should be spread to as many people as possible. Current customers or members should be the first invited. This allows you to reinforce how much you value them and in return you are able to receive feedback from people that already know and trust your products or services. If you are a new start-up company without a large customer base you may decide to begin with the family and friends of your employees.
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Tell the World
Unless promoting new business is not an aspect of your project's objectives, you must generate interest amidst your target audience. There is an abundance of methods to approach this task and we will be happy to recommend and implement strategies to achieve ideal results.
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Just like a car engine, your sparkling new Web site must be continually polished and updated to sustain its freshness. Based on the intimate knowledge we already possess of your site we will produce a written recommendation on how to implement and accomplish this upkeep. Often scheduled maintenance is considered early in the planning process so systems can be put in place to simplify the updating process. In the event that regular scheduled maintenance cannot be accomplished in house we will be more than willing to discuss a mutually beneficial maintenance contract.

We generally recommend posting updated content, where applicable, quarterly. In addition, an overall quarterly evaluation is generally beneficial to identify any outstanding issues, particularly during the first six months following your site launch. At least quarterly, the Web advancements of your competition should be carefully scrutinised to ensure you have an advantage within the market. For special aspects of a site such as "What's New" and new product launches we recommend monthly updates. Return traffic is generally linked to what is called "return appeal" and there is no better way to achieve this than posting new content in strategic areas.

Now you know how we undertake our activity, why not contact us to request a consultation? It's free and with no obligation!
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