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About our Partners
Partners form a very important part of Cogensis' services and products. Taking this approach to our business means we can offer a very broad range of products and services, whilst at the same retaining our high quality of work and low costing policies.

We actively seek out partners that will extend our brand recognition, offer new expertise and complement and broaden our network of creative professionals.

Similarly, we offer our partners a service that is high-quality and cost effective, which they can pass onto their clients.

Once we've partnered with a company, we retain a close working relationship with them throughout the development of an assignment of work. If a client is unhappy with work that we have commissioned to a partner, that's our problem, we won't simply pass you on to a company you have no experience of dealing with.

We like to call our approach balanced, professional and communicative.

Partner: Digital Kinetix Limited
Digital Kinetix logo
A team of highly motivated IT Professionals and Consultants, who between them have over 25 years of IT experience, are the foundation of Digital Kinetix. Conceived in 1998 by its co-founders, digital kinetix has grown to be one of the UK's leading developers of dynamic, business-centric solutions that leverage leading edge technologies.

Their client-server, Internet and Intranet software manages highly complex Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial data and their Web enabling technologies power some of the most advanced e-business Web sites available today.

The philosophy of Digital Kinetix is to provide clients with best of breed solutions using the most advanced hardware and software available today, whilst retaining a watchful eye over emerging technologies. This allows them to be more proactive thus passing over to clients a competitive edge which is so important in today's business environment.

By sharing their knowledge and experience with their clients, Digital Kinetix are able to provide a more rounded approach to consultancy, which results in a far more relevant and focused business solution.

Partner: OurMessenger
Our Messenger logo
Message broadcasting gets your point across to numerous recipients and brings the point of sale to the customer, enabling you to close business immediately.

OurMessenger provides numerous platforms for delivering the message to your clients, prospects and employees.

Utilise OurMessenger's Email, SMS, Fax, and Voice platforms to get the message delivered quickly and easily, and reap the rewards provided by OurMessenger's superior reporting facilities.

No longer are results subjective as they have been in the past, leaving people wondering what their return on investment is.

Message broadcasting yields direct, immediate and measurable results.

In the past, catalogue companies have paid thousands of pounds to produce catalogues, send them out to prospective customers, and take orders over the telephone. Now you can entice your customers to respond much quicker and cheaper than before, and with better results.

Partner: Cyber42
Cyber 42 logo
Cyber 42 create interactive multimedia solutions for presentation, training, education and information purposes and incorporate a variety of media assets and user functionality, such as 2D & 3D graphics, animations and simulations; digital video, audio; photographs; user interface; interactivity; feedback; user facilities and services. They also offer conventional paper-based media, such as designs for use in corporate branding.

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