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Completed. Ongoing maintenance carried out weekly.

Date Commissioned
22nd January 2002

Reuzip approached Cogensis with a specific requirement for us to solve the global communication problems they were encountering. They needed to gain the awareness of potential investors, licensors and customers using a cost-effective and hard-hitting, yet informative method of communication. Reuzip's founder, Heather Kitching, was finding that the daily task of trawling the Internet for information, then following this up with expensive long-distance phone calls was proving to be a resource consuming non-starter! Heather knew a Web site was the only way forward, and commissioned us to make the Web work for them.

Our Solution
We initiated a free consultation with Reuzip to determine the scope, target audience and purpose that they had in mind for their site. Working closely with Reuzip, we conducted market research to determine the data that would relate to potential competitors, investors, licensors and customers.

After devising a strategy for the production, marketing and maintenance of the site, we drafted a blueprint presentation to explain to the partners exactly how we would set about creating their site. We then set to work creating a site that would fit Reuzip's requirements perfectly.

We created a fast loading site that was original whilst at the same time retained a corporate and professional feel. Users were attracted by engaging Macromedia Flash® animations and the bright colour scheme used throughout. Content was kept light and to the point. Ease of use and brand identity were main considerations.

Site Specification

The site was authored in HTML, and styles were applied using CSS. The site also benefits from simple mail actions to send forms.

Reuzip's site uses fast loading and high-quality Macromedia Flash® animations.

Number of pages

Total custom made graphics throughout, including company logo and photography.

Meta tag optimisation, submittal to 3000 search engines and directories. Total page optimisation, allowing for better rankings with search engines.

Long term maintenance plan for both monthly updates and marketing procedures.

  • Customers, potential customers, investors and licensors have a single point of reference to seek information pertaining to Reuzip's products.
  • Reuzip Partnership no longer has to rely on conventional means of communication to relay an idea or concept, or to share images of products with others. All exchange is dealt with via their Web site, saving them time and money on conventional communication methods.
  • Reuzip specialise in ecologically sound and resource friendly packaging solutions. With a Web site, they now save a lot of trees worth of marketing materials that may end up in the secretary's bin!
Heather Kitching, partner of Reuzip says: "We needed a site that would boost our online presence and provide information to clients oversees. We also wanted the site to look a little bit quirky and different to most corporate Web sites. Our Web site has helped us to gain interest from oversees investors who would never have found us without our Web site. It really has been one of the best business investments we have made. We are very pleased with the results."

The Reuzip Partnership is now enjoying many hits a week to the Web site, which is generating much interest in their products. In fact, they have just signed a licensing agreement with a manufacturer who will be making a number of their products.

All information is central to their Web site, and they remain totally accessible and searchable 100% of the time.

Heather Kitching has also received many awards for her invention and has been thrown into the public eye, not only as a female inventor, but an inventor of a product that is a step in the right direction when it comes to saving corporations large amounts of money in landfill tax, and just as importantly, minimising the damage done to our environment by conventional packaging methods.

Among the awards she has won are the coveted BFIY Innovator of the Year Award 2000 and the Tomorrow's World Invention of the Year Award 2000, as well as opening and running many innovation events and workshops tailored to inventors and innovators.

Throughout all the months of publicity and activity generated by Reuzip, remains the place to go for people to find information on Heather and her awards, and the site has helped her enormously in all her business dealings, and has received many complements from visitors.

Visit the Web Site
You can visit the Web site at

About Reuzip
Reuzip products solve packaging problems where other solutions fail. They provide reusability, resealability, security and are easy to use.

Reuzip's range of products utilise their invention -- the World's first weldable toothed zip fastener and its applications in packaging and DIY.

Imagine a range of products that do away with conventional packaging methods, such as wasteful and environment damaging shrink wrapping -- and you see just how needed these products are. The amount saved by large corporations in landfill tax alone is reason enough to switch from conventional packaging methods, as is not filling our landfill sites with un-biodegradable waste plastic.

As well as saving huge amounts of money and helping to sustain our environment, switching to Reuzip's products offers all the conventional benefits of a high-quality packaging solution -- high security and tamper evident seals, load stability and protection from dust, damage and heat and light.

If you transport high value goods, are a home DIY’er, document transfer company, a giftware or courier company, parcel and logistics company, a supermarket, bank or professional these products are for you.

For more information or to request a brochure, you can contact the Reuzip Partnership by email or by calling 01642 249 844.

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